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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; approaching 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, triggering strong domestic and international business organizations, the Olympic bus ride to get higher profits. However, delicious cherry tree planted hard, retrieve bills over the years involved in the Olympic business, both successfully reached the winner purpose, there are losers lose everything. Editorial department of special planning the sporting goods trade show marketing agency reports, the reporter in-depth investigation in Shanghai and Beijing, interviewed dozens of people in the industry have had ten years of sports marketing experience, the interpretation of international companies Nike, Inc. Li Ning and local sports marketing company on the success or failure for the "ride" the commercial institutions to provide methods and experience of sports marketing. Nike was founded only 30 years to sit tight beat old rivals Adidas in the world, Nike China Liu Xiang, but also because the success of planning a series of activities have been widely acclaimed industry. Nike's success is not to sell shoes, only marketing emotion. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; sponsoring sporting events rarely behind Since Liu Xiang won the first prize at the Athens Olympics, he has become the object of pursuit of numerous companies competing, and this Nike's employees when it Liu Xiang fraternizing drink and a laugh, because Nike as early as 2002, when Liu Xiang, freezing or the media when it signed a contract with him. Athens Olympic Games gold medalist in the 32 Chinese delegations have 12 Nike sponsor jordans on sale online ship, including kayaking, tennis and other ground-breaking projects. Why only Nike to insight into the opportunities? Nike tells its own experience the company wants to leveraging the sports industry, sports marketing is not a sponsor, but also to be steady and constant innovation. corporate sponsored events often have to spend huge amounts of money. Li Ning, Shanghai GM, GM (China), the farmer Springs, JLF, Qingdao Red Collar Dress as a partner in the Olympic Games, the Chinese Olympic Committee each company shall pay 10 million yuan worth of cash or goods, which can not be less cash to 90%. In contrast, very few Nike sponsorship of sports events, but it's brand exposure but never less than others. At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, 12 paid $ 46.5 million of the company was named the official sponsor, Adidas. Nike quietly bought out prominently Atlanta, billboards, made Nike the exclusive advertising. According to executives at Nike had introduced work during the Olympic Games, Nike sponsored the national diving team swimwear, in fact, Nike does not produce swimwear, but to this end the temporary bought a factory. Indeed, sponsored by the Li Ning Company is also receiving awards won on the championship podium the eye, but many of the media confused the picture freeze beautiful moments in the athletes jumped into the water from the air, no doubt Nike has prevailed. mention brand exposure, may people the impression deeper Liu Xiang. Day 3 at the gold medal, the major media constantly replayed moment Liu Xiang gold medal, and his feet magic shoes is Ni cheap air jordans ke carefully prepared. Nike brand exposure just a small part of all the work to maintain long-term contact with the athletes is much more important. athletes perfect planning case Nike public relations manager Li Yuan Wen original work at Nike headquarters, according to her, 16 buildings are the headquarters of the world's top athletes named. Office lobby displays photos of famous sports stars and trophies; connecting each building on the promenade of the walls hung with copper statue of Nike signed Players States and Biography ...... "tour, visitors feel the pride of these sports is that they live . The part you will often see the stars move around in the office, they dine at the same restaurant with the staff; the same gym, like family no staff asked them to autograph, "she says with a laugh... Employees Nike sports marketing department to run around all day in a variety of training ground, can not wait to live together with the athletes. It is also able to identify what Nike excellence of the important reasons. Li Tong was signed Nike track and field athletes, because Liu Xiang alumnus, so long before there is contact with Liu Xiang. Li Tong's recommendation, plus the actual inspection of Nike, Nike makes Liu Xiang entered the field of vision. In late May 2004, Nike put Michael? Johnson go to China, then Johnson Liu Xiang feeling in good shape, so Nike boldly develop programs based on this fact. The whole event from June to begin planning to begin in late July to promote, through public relations and networking, the Chinese team to Athens 1 cheap foamposites 0 days ago launched advertising. In addition to advertising, Nike also designed in Sina News Liu Xiang, Liu Xiang, gold medal after 30 million people go browsing Liu Xiang's every move. While other companies are planning to make endorsements when Liu Xiang, Nike has been the first time provide a comprehensive understanding of the national audience, Liu Xiang's platform. Nike Pan Jianhua, director of the Greater China market, said this is just the opening and Liu Xiang relations. "Our long-term goal is to be able to represent Nike in 2008, Liu conveyed a voice. We are planning four years, which occur when Liu Xiang, he is not professional players, professional players can lay the league a few months. Nike must use appropriate point in time make him appear, and each occurrence has a different story. " classic Nike athletes closely when said Jordan, from 1985 has been 20 years since the signing, Jordan shoes has been developed to "18 generation", again this year, Nike Jordan go to China for the high school league championship awards. Jordan endorsement of Nike products, to convey to children the concept of basketball star, to encourage children to enhance their longing for basketball. In fact, many companies are also sponsoring Jordan, and consumers are very natural to think of Michael Jordan and Nike together. Pan Jianhua said that the work at Nike 10 years there is an important experience, sports business takes time. "Sport is the emotional nature of business, is that people's excitement sadness and joy, and cultivate emotions like love, like, need to Retro jordans for sale accumulate many domestic sponsorship is short-term, but this effect is almost zero, because consumers are very forgetful If enterprises selected image associated with their motion, should serve as a long-term investment. "Like the company is now doing" celebrity training hall "is the annual Invites the World to China to teach the former Olympic champion, to provide guidance for Chinese athletes, Not only is the technical level, but also the level of competition mental preparation. Such a company is to maximize the use of existing resources. connotation five seconds outside of a girl in the school cafeteria to buy a piece of cake, she made the motion to throw the discus throw out the plate, then took a bite the hands of the rest of the cake. This is the latest Nike ad campaign created five seconds "at any time" in a segment, this series of ads took the audience award at the Advertising Festival in Chengdu. And many generous different Nike, the advertising costs are very low, the background story is the students' daily learning and local life, the concept you want to convey is: sports has been integrated into your life. What five seconds ad mean? General business tend to do their own image ad, shouted a slogan or even repeated three times, and Nike has a story. Nike knows that consumers slogan or a logo does not feel anything, and he did nothing to think. brand manager of Nike's Xu Ying in the company for three years. When it comes to brand strategy, she has been stressed that Nike is in creating and leading a culture. So proud that she created N Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ike shoes culture in China. Xu Ying said that three years ago, no shoes Chinese culture. China is a country clothing, people have always been a pair of shoes with a wide variety of clothes, rarely choose shoes. The secret of Nike shoes to create a culture is to choose the right people to do the right thing. When a group of children from abroad like to do some underground stuff. Nike contact with them, to give them the performance in China. Nike shoes promote culture Another tip is to take full advantage of the power, there is a shoetalk (I'm crazy shoes) Forums Sina, users can tell the above story shoes, any brand of shoes can be discussed. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; consumer acceptance of the culture, to accept your brand fundamentally. Like the US or the UK football NBA has moved far beyond the scope of events, a campaign has become the country's carnival activities. "NBA is a very systematic system, the entertainment, competition, factors stars any one industry contained perfect presentation in front of you." Pan Jianhua said. Nike is now the main push the basketball culture. American high school league is the NBA's preparatory classes, and the National High School League Nike in China have also been held to a fourth year. This year, Nike launched the "Alliance concept" and proposed to do YouthCulture (youth culture). Xu Ying said: "There is only one basketball championship, but there are many in YouthCulture can dunk champion may be the best, the best comic strip can also be the most dazzling cheerleader, ...... We started construction of the pla buy cheap jordans online tform. After completion, we decided to start the promotion of culture. Only those who have the ability to influence culture to popular. We launched this year 'Warriors Union', you want to tell the children not only need to have their own style, but also need to have an alliance behind you, help you cheer, you write articles, painted posters in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, a player has organized more than 1,000 people, the Internet got 5000 votes. Only a cultural identity, will have a very big effect. " at the Shanghai headquarters of the interview, I happened to see PR Amy read a letter in high school league activity for a planning program, though naive, but seriously. Nike's employee said, when they were the streets of Beijing to interview the children, they say, Nike really understand them. Here we see a brand really affect children in their very early age lay deep imprint brand that affect their lives.after we have presented the Jordans Air toy for everyone, many friends are very interested in this. And recently, instagram, a tomyoo23 players will use LEGO bricks piled up a he was very fond of the air jordan shoes, quite artistic visual effect, rather than a toy, still be inferior to saying is a state of the art equipment. The following is the author of my LEGO works, we may wish to enjoy the next. Jordan 1.Air 5 "" MetallicJordan 2.Air 5 "" Grape3.Air Jordan 11 "Bred" 4.Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue "Air Jordan 11 "Space Jam "5. 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In addition the color used for the design of red wine, make the vamp more nubuck leather texture, exudes a kind of elegant temperament. The Jack Purcell sells for 65 pounds, and the favorite friends don't miss it. adidas Originals Winter series, fashionable printing, colorful complex 2014-10-30 15:43:05 adidas Originals 2014 Winter series adds unique, exquisite ribbon cutting and fashionable printing to the function, so that the wardrobe in autumn and winter can get rid of monotony and full of surprises. In terms of clothing, men wear black, red, gray as the main color of the Multi Pocket thin down jacket, frock coat, with comfortable sports shirt, build autumn and winter with the street style. Women's use of a large area of enduring zebra, colorful complex butterfly jordans on sale mens print and a variety of high waisted fit clipping zip jacket to create blue energy fashionable styling. in shoes, warm winter boots and excellent Mid-cut has been widely sought after in autumn and winter shoes, in the design of the season in the Adidas Originals is a unique innovation of the classic shoes in SUPERSTAR and ZX designed winter boots, that is absolutely classic followers worthy of collection and wear real hot single product! Fan: commissioning editor date: 2017-5-9 photo: Soldier 11 photos from the May 31st sale again exposed in the playoffs in the first game, Lebron James without warning wore Soldier boots 11, and recently has white color matching Soldier 11 photo exposure network. Soldier 11 continues the previous generation of no shoelace design, magic binding with the previous generation of three increased to four. The medium bottom adopts the Zoom Air air cushion to slow the shock. If the Cavaliers go far enough in the playoffs, maybe James will wear Soldier 11 again this season. Soldier 11 sells for $130, down $10 from the 10 generation, and the white gold color rumours in the photo will be sold on May 31st.The Jordan Super.Fly 4 is the next installment of the Jordan Super.Fly series set to release from Jordan Brand. This silhouette is one of the more popular shoes from the brand aside from their Air Jordans series. Advertisment Adding some upgrades while keeping its traditional look, the Jordan Super.Fly 4 is built with a one-piece, no-sew base that offers mesh detailing for lightweight breathability. The shoe keeps its Z jordan 3 katrina 2018 oom cushioning that looks to be complete with FlightPlate. An external heel counter is built on the back for stability for the foot for all motion movement. As of right now there is no exact release date set for the first launch of the Jordan Super.Fly 4, as reports have them debuting later this October 2015. Check out the detailed photos of one of the upcoming releases as well as a few other colorways below and let us know what your first thoughts of the silhouette are in the comments section? Source: US11 does not say AIrPod sound and design, wireless wear alone by a lot of Tucao, a large part of the reason, of course, is easy to lose. Apple in the latest iOS 10.3 developer beta, "close" will find my AirPods function to join the find my iPhone: if you can't find the headset, by reminding sound rapid positioning app headset can use a headset headset; if no electricity or not in connection, can still display the last a AirPods battery position before. In the end this update is completely, or continue to pay the design defects?& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the evening of July 29, the International Olympic Committee announced an agreement with the Iraqi government, Iraq's reinstatement of eligibility to participate in Beijing Olympic Games. Olympic boss Xu Zhihua phone again brightest reporters "off the hook." Whether or not Iraq participated, as a sponsor, the Olympic all Taylor. Perhaps this is Hua Xu Olympic marketing genius. Iraq "way out" On Wednesday afternoon, the radio transmission of the uproar in Iraq but also participate in the B jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black eijing Olympic Games news reporter in the event of repeated "busy", finally called the Xu Zhihua phone. He remained calm tone in a minute with joy, I do not know what joy is and can continue to sponsor Iraq, or "events in Iraq," the public relations effect. "We are very pleased to hear this news, even if only two of Iraq to participate, we will continue to support their participation in the Beijing Olympic Games sponsor." Xu Zhihua said on the phone. Because of special historical reasons, the situation in Iraq affects the hearts of people around the world. From a marketing point of view, Iraq is able to attract "eyeballs" of the country, while Iraq play in Beijing itself is very valuable marketing event, Xu Zhihua at the signing at the beginning of this very clear. Even in the event of suspension, brought to Iraq has also been fully recognized Xu Zhihua, had "played a role, pocketed the eye." July 25, Netease commercial channel announced that Iraq was officially announced the cancellation of Beijing Olympic Games to qualify. Heard the news, reporters are shocked, more coincidentally, Iraq's Olympic Committee sponsor, Peak Group General Manager Xu Zhihua, just about reporters met that night. The news, let reporters looking forward to this meeting. just a meeting, impatient reporter first question will be thrown out of Iraq just get banned messages. "is not lost." This is the answer to a reporter Xu Zhihua first sentence, then he will be very familiar to talk about the Olympic other Olympic marketing program. Indeed, since last August 10 Peak Group officially announced its sponsorship of Iraq, has aroused widespread concern, Olympic Olympic marketing strategy differentiated interpretations, new market development road and so caused the praise of the industry, it has been "pocketed the eye." Sponsorship 40,000 volunteers Hua Xu's father Xu Jing Nan has admitted, would have been the representative of the Iraqi team does not expect to have much of a selling point in the game, mainly Chinese and the Olympic opening ceremony and parade in overseas sales plans, such as the Olympic product already Iraq has entered the market, therefore, in addition to the Olympic program sponsored Iraqi delegation, Cyprus, the most important weight is brought to 40,000 Olympic volunteers. "I will go to the Olympics, then, to see outside the crowded Olympic Games volunteers, I feel definitely very excited, because there are 40,000 volunteers will wear uniform Olympic logo printed on clothing, that Olympic marketing is our focus. "Xu Zhihua said happily to the reporter, Pick red LOGO also will work with the Beijing Olympic Games, as imprinted in people's minds. Pick weird one hundred at the Olympic Games, dazzling. To expand overseas markets, also sponsored the Olympic Cyprus Olympic Committee, during the Beijing Olympic Games, Xu Zhihua dealers will accompany Cyprus to the scene to cheer for the athletes Cyprus. In recent years, the pace of internationalization of the Olympic brand steadily, overseas sales frequently achievements Cyprus market is an important part of the Olympic overseas sales network. Cyprus Olympic Committee sponsor except temptation Beijing Olympics, more important purpose is to seize Xu Zhihua local sporting goods market. ?? dialogue Xu Zhihua: With the Olympics to expand overseas markets brought to Iraq, Cyprus to join the dealer to see the Olympics, the Olympic Games in marketing continue to create a miracle, "the Olympic Games is a national brand to the world of opportunity," Pick general manager Xu Zhihua mentioned several times in the interview. So, Pick in terms of overseas expansion will have any plans? In particular positioning next Olympic basketball professional sports what action? "Jinjiang Economic News": Peak current situation in overseas sales how? What specific recent overseas expansion plans? Hua Xu: Pick currently has stores in more than 100 foreign countries, all the way to the chain's presence in Europe, South America, selling well; in South-East Asia, through the Philippines agents each year through mail order direct way, a year can be sold more than 100 million pairs of shoes. After the Olympics, at the end of this year we plan to enter the North American market early next year. "Jinjiang Economic News": in the Olympic marketing, Peak because Iraq maintained a high degree of exposure, then the next what will attract the eye of action? Xu Zhihua: China currently has more than 300 million basketball fans, basketball is China's largest sports, Olympic has always adhere to professional basketball's positioning, emphasizing the concept of professional basketball, we will further strengthen cooperation with Olympic NBA. Currently, Peak is also being approached with a number of NBA star brokers. Next month, we will sign an NBA first team, Yao Ming or Ginobili, leaving everyone conjecture.Appreciation of Adidas D Howard 6 "Red" physical map 2015-09-07 11:28:53With PEAK officially announced the successful signing of Dwight Howard, also let adidasBasketball create for him adidas D Howard 6 with abortion . But forget it still brings us it, shoes overall has no many characteristics at all, perhaps this is also consistent with the recent design ideas of adidasBasketball. Full of red shoes, let it still full of rocket breath, I wonder if the shoes will be on sale. adidas Crazy 97 Iman Shumpert PE 2014-05-21 01:59:38 Iman Shumpert this season's performance is very prominent in the Nicks team, help muskmelon to get rid of the injury let this vibrant young people can be better, but his feet boots also dazzling. Shumpert chose the 1997 PE dunk contest Kobe Bryant wearing Adidas Crazy 97 shoes, while the Iman version of the color is more colorful. Hopefully, next season, the young man will be able to bring Melo into the playoffs with melo.New Balance 996 - Dark Grey Photo Gallery 2013-12-08 22:31:16 The US production of New Balance 996 - Dark Grey has now been introduced in the major New Balance store shelves. The dark gray upper 996 is built by high-quality suede fabric, very rich texture. Dark blue laces and heel of the shoe is also considerably less. Like the United States producing New Balance 996 friends through this group pretty pictures to see it.